Скачать Kerbal Space Program / Космическая программа Kerbal 0.18.4 (15.02.2013) Eng торрент

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Скачать Kerbal Space Program / Космическая программа Kerbal 0.18.4 (15.02.2013) Eng

Версия: 0.18.4
Тип издания: Лицензия
Язык интерфейса: английский
Язык озвучки: отсутствует/не требуется

Не хорошо, когда версия демки новее полной версии игры, потому вот обновили полную версию. Основная причина выхода - переход на новый движок Unity4. Это должно сильно улучшить производительность. Ну и куча багфиксов, сам не читал, так что кому интересно - внизу все есть. Ах, да, еще добавили стоковый самолетик новый.

Now that the demo is out, it wouldn't do to have a demo that's actually a later version than the full game, would it? So we're now releasing the 0.18.4 patch.
This patch is a small revision to the game, mainly focusing on porting KSP to the much more awesome Unity4 engine. It also has several bug fixes, and a new stock spaceplane, the Ravenspear Mk4.
This patch shouldn't break compatiblity. Saves and vessels from 0.18.2 should all be compatible with this build (No guarantee on saves from earlier versions than that though).

Here's the complete Changelog:


+ Ported the game over to Unity 4. Expect improved performance.
+ Added a new stock spaceplane: The Ravenspear Mk4.

-------------------------------------Bug Fixes and Tweaks-------------------------------------

* Fixed the latest version checking.
* Fixed some places that were using an old and inaccurate value for the vessel's G-force, preventing entering warp sometimes.
* Fixed an issue which caused DAE model loading to fail.
* Fixed an issue where controls could become locked when switching focus out of a dead uncontrollable vessel.
* Fixed a collision issue with the large RCS Tank.
* Fixed a transparency issue with smoke FX and explosions.
* Boarding a vessel from EVA no longer toggles the SAS on the vessel.
* The VAB and SPH now show decoupler ejection forces on the part stats.
* Fixed a few typos on part descriptions and tutorials.
* Increased Jool's rotating frame threshold altitude to prevent entering its atmosphere with the rotating frame disabled.
* Fixed an issue with the UI background not scaling correctly on the SPH.
* Fixed winglet colliders.
* Fixed EVA light orientations.
* Updated Copyright dates.
* Fixed vab transparency issue.
* Fixed Explosion Shader Transparency issues.
* Fixed Part Actions being clickable if Time Warp was engaged while the Action UI was already up.
* Fixed some buttons not being locked out properly on the Tracking Station and possibly other scenes.
* The Staging Stack now automatically scrolls back into view if a staging operation sends it off screen.
* Stage groups and icons now accurately follow the mouse when dragging.
* Fixed some UI controls and keys being responsive during pause.
* Fixed some sounds (mainly voices) being affected by 3D effects when they shouldn't.
* Fixed an issue when going in and out of Map View after crashing the ship.
* Fixed the EVA map icons not showing.
* Fixed the planetary terrain not starting up properly sometimes.
* Fixed the error messages when exiting the game from the flight scene.
* Added a bad name filter for the Kerbal name generator.
* Fixed issues with the popup dialogs that allowed them to spawn a massive number of duplicates.
* Parts on the parts list no longer show the author on their tooltips (that broke immersion).
* Flight basics tutorial now requires player to set throttle to max before finishing the tutorial (and launching).
* fixed the non-persistent StateName field on MunFlight Tutorial.

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