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Скачать Dark Disciples 2 (v.4.4x 2012.06.03) (Rogue-like RPG)

Dark Disciples 2 v4.4 - 2012.06.03
Жанр:Rogue-like RPG
Автор:Laurens Lafebre / DodgySoft
Мин Требования: PC: 233mhz / 64mb ОЗУ / 16 мб видео. 62MB HDD

Неплохой Рогалик, созданный Одним человеком (потому и художественное исполнение далеко до нормы), но весьма интересный сюжет и игра неплохо продумана.
Но Автор, несомненно отличный музыкант, в игре звучит приятный фэнтези-фольк.

Current version: v4.4 (updated 20th May 2012).

Some bugs in the editor were fixed.

29th April 2012:

The DD2 Engine has been updated to version 4.3. The new version fixes a couple of minor bugs, and one bad one: the gem requirements for gemlore spells now correctly matches the gems you actually have.

DD2 Background

DD2 is, unsurprisingly, the sequel to DD1. The look and feel is therefore similar to that of the first game. However a number of significant improvments have been made to the game system:

DD2 features a new story line (unconnected to that of DD1). It takes place over 4 continents and ~130 levels.

* The game features non linear gameplay - feel free to explore (there are tons of side missions, secret areas and off the beaten track oddities to discover).

* There is now a proper skill system. There are 11 skills available from Pick Locks, to Dual Weapons to Curse to Gemlore.

* Monster AI has also be greatly improved (DD2 uses the A* pathfinding algorithm).

* Monsters now have proper abilities (called 'powers'): they can shoot arrows and cast spells.

* Speaking of arrows, missile combat has been implemented in DD2 (there were no missile weapons in DD1).

* Also new is mp3 quality music (if you choose to download the 'music pack').

* The level editor is more useful and much better laid out. It's now possible to completely design your own campaign using the editor, inclusing importing new item, tile and monster pics.

DD2 Cheat Menu:
To access the level editor, press Control U on the main menu screen.

To access the in-game cheats, press Control U in game.

To access the item summoning cheats, press Control U while on the character inventory screen.

* A Bag of Holding has been implemented - characters can now carry twice as much once they have purchased the bag.

* There are also 'super' monsters: 3x3 tiles in size!

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