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Скачать Crea [Steam Early Access] v0.17.0 - игра на стадии разработки

• Разработчик: Siege Games
• Жанр: Сетевые/ХотСит; Песочницы (Sandbox-игры)
• Тип игры: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер: 79,3 Мб.

Crea - креативная ролевая песочница с акцентом на пользовательские модификации. Игра в какой-то степени схожа с Terraria, но со своей интересной прокачкой персонажа, необычайным крафтом и исследованием новых рецептов.
Crea - продолжатель дела Minecraft и Terraria. Данная игра представляет собой классическую RPG-песочницу, в которой игрокам предлагается собирать ресурсы, создавать предметы и строить.
Главным отличием Crea от других представителей жанра является ориентированность на пользовательские модификации. Моды загружаются на http://playcrea.com/mod. По мнению разработчиков, проблемой песочниц является то, что рано или поздно игрокам становится скучно, т.к. ничего нового в игре не появляется - именно с этим и будет бороться Crea. Игра будет предоставлять огромный простор для модификаций персонажей, монстров и предметов, начиная с их внешнего вида и заканчивая характеристиками.

Список изменений:

• New tooltips
• Made it possible to use items directly from your inventory using Ctrl + Left Click
• Worlds now will grow to be able to include all required surface biomes
• Added some new sound effects to skills
• Cleaned up styling and enhanced several UI windows
Bug Fixes:
• Resolved a major issue that could result in a world becoming corrupt
• Resolved issue with Aersword causing the game to crash when attempting to save
• Small fix to Talents UI where stat bar was too large
• Resolved issue with burn status effect load
• Fixed Berserker deactivation

• Greatly refined the Chaos Crafting UI
• Item notifications are now clickable and will open up the inventory bag the item was placed in
• Splitting larger stacks of items is now easier by grabbing 10 at a time by holding control key
• It is now possible to craft using equipped items
• Upgrading equipped items are now automatically equipped after being crafted
• Added a new low level wand
• Changed loot for water monsters and critters to something more reasonable
• Added a level 5 for Refine skill
• Made boss realms have a set time to keep them from getting too dark and hard to see
• The restriction on defeating Sano once per day has been removed
• Explorer's Gloves Scroll is now granted to players by the Researcher
• Increased the required talent level to have the researcher give the corresponding gloves' scroll
• Made Eltret and Cenfen drop water type remna
• Changed apprentice wand to a slightly higher level
Bug Fixes:
• Resolved frequent crash when dying in the Mighty Forest realm
• Resolved issue with Health and Stamina occasionally dropping
• Another attempt at fixing the Imbue UI
• Resolved issue with items not being craftable even with all requirements being met
• Resolved issue with being unable to finish researching some recipes without using scraps
• Resolved small issue with chaos crafting starting with 0 steps to next effect
• Resolved issue with item slot still showing item that was consumed from the previous craft
• Resolved issue with shop item listing misbehaving when an item was sold out
• Fixed tabbing in UI with text fields
• Resolved issue with "Lock Camera" setting not working properly when already set on load
• Fixed names and flavor text for several weapons
• Fixed issue with puracas seed icon not being displayed correctly
• Resolved issue with gold, adamantite, and corium not being highlighted with Ore Hunter skill
• Resolving issue with mods not being sent to clients properly
• Fixing issue with Skystrider and Aersword using the wrong remna items
• Resolved a crash where loading a region could fail due to the saved water/lava being in an unexpected state
• Resolved an issue with torrend charge attack
• Resolved issue with equipped items being stuck
• Resolved issue with pickup stat bonus not working

• Added a spawner for Telin monster
• Paragon Quaridin can now appear in the world
• Grass and trees now appear in the jungle chasm
Bug Fixes:
• Resolved issue with bombs not destroying blocks
• Fixed issue with clicking on buttons not always triggering
• Resolved crash issue that occurred occassionaly when changing realms
• Resolved issue with remna core not working properly for clients
• Resolved issue with equipment "+ Jump" attributes not working on load
• Resolved issue with equiping items while using a controller
• Ore Hunter now highlights iron ore before silver ore

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