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Running With Rifles(Бегущие с винтовками)
• Название игры: Running With Rifles v0.88.1
• Разработчик: Инди-игра от Modulaatio Games
• Жанр: Вид сверху, Third Person Shooter.
• Тип игры: Beta-версия
• Размер: ~107 Мб.
Running With Rifles - уникальная тактическая 3D-стрелялка с видом сверху, имеющая большой потенциал!
Солдат! Береги свою голову, она тебе еще пригодится!
Тактический шутер с видом сверху. Бегаем с винтовками «за хороших» или «за плохих», отвоевываем территории, неотвратимо набегаем на огневые точки противника, организованно отступаем на заранее подготовленные позиции, ведем партизанские бои в лесных, степных и городских условиях! При этом в ушах топот ног, треск ломаемых сучьев, отголоски дальних взрывов и выстрелов, надоедливое шипение рации. А по земле стелется туман, наступает рассвет или закат.
Бегать: WASD
Ходить: Left shift + WASD
Присесть: Left ctrl
Залезть на стену: Space
Целиться: Mouse
Стрелять: Mouse left or right button
Бросить гранату: G
Перезарядить: R
Зарезать: V
Карта: TAB
Меню: ESC

Рейтинг игрока влияет на то, сколько ИИ-солдат будут бегать с ним. Миссия - захватить все базы на карте и защищать их от врагов.
crash: wounding/stunning in water could cause a crash, fixed
crash: fixed another division by zero crash on linux
vests: vest II modified to have three stages, first lethal hit is deflected, second stuns, third wounds and consumes the vest
worldmap: worldmap added
items: state modifiers now have input states for filtering
weapons: pepperdust no longer wounds vested soldiers
gameplay: diving from roof no longer lets soldier go into ground
vehicles: spawning height handling adjusted, vehicles spawn on platforms properly now; helps specifically with TOWs in Al-Tabul
resources: support for faction specific weapons, grenades, items and vehicles added
weapons: stance-specific accuracy factors
weapons: ballistics math tweaked
weapons: speed modifiers supported
invasion: invasion uses faction specific weapon sets now, rank requirements tweaked
spotting: repeated spotting reward triggering when own comms are disabled fixed
bases: bases can now be declared non-capturable
commands: start_game now accepts defense_win_time, triggers game over if faction holds all capturable bases in a map for the set time
shield: shield now gets detected as proper cover object for assisted shooting over
shield: kills made by others while protected by another soldier's shield earn rewards for shield carrier
gameplay: shooting in cover now ensures correct stance before shooting; previously all shotgun projectiles ended up in the cover obstacle unless manually stood up first
gameplay: character leaving ladder no longer immediately falls down if there's someone else on the ladder too
mapview: visual frame added
visuals: single story buildings now generate backlines too
ai: ai now sometimes gets and uses paratrooper calls
names: Russian names fixed, thanks to Uncle Dec for the corrections
gameplay: faction lost radio messages added, mainly for multi-faction battles
gameplay: in multi-faction battle, the faction that loses before the match ends, now sees the defeat image; similarly alive troops now surrender properly after losing their last base in multifaction battles
events: faction_lost event added
invasion: if greens lose in a multifaction battle, the map restarts as it should before it is completely over
commands: set_match_status added, possibility to declare a faction lost or won
cargo-truck: intel of whereabouts is now announced occasionally; reward logic now based on tracking character time near the truck
weapons: law shooting tweaked
calls: paratroopers appearing instantly on roofs fixed
comms: fixed issue with comms being disabled when game was saved, then, when it was loaded again, comms stayed disabled even if comms truck got spawned
gameplay: leaning to a crate when the crate breaks apart now allows moving where the crate used to be
weapons: free rare weapons stay in world for 60 seconds instead of 30 now
menu: resource config menu bug fixed which could result in incorrect terrain heightmap loaded for a map
ai: soldiers not fit in the leader's vehicle know to fight when appropriate rather than just follow the vehicle
aiming: penetrable & see through walls no longer stop aim helper visuals and color indicator
mapview: no longer shows through compositor outlines
gameplay: crates popping out stuff for any xp level fixed
map: new map Wake Island added
map: old-new map Insular Complex added

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